Train from Schiphol Airport to Centrum (Central Amsterdam)

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Train from Schiphol Airport to Centrum (Central Amsterdam)

Postby Tall Guy » Thu Jun 18, 11:49 am

It's really very simple. Once you're through customs and passport control, follow the signs for trains downstairs, buy your ticket either from a machine (slightly cheaper, takes some credit/debit cards) or from one of the ticket counters near the Burger King - they all speak English, just ask for a single/return to Amsterdam Centraal (pronounced roughly "sent-HRAAAL"). A single 2nd class ticket is €3,80*. The ticket counter lines are often long, but move very quickly.

Next: look at the signs above for the next train to "Amsterdam CS" - observe which platform it leaves from, or you will end up in Weesp trying to explain to the ticket inspector why you don't have a valid ticket for that route ;-). The signs tell you how long before the next train arrives/departs.

The trains run punctually and take about 15-20 teeth-grinding minutes to get you into town, passing some truly awful industrial suburbs which only enhances that first glimpse of proper gabled Dutch houses as you roll in to Amsterdam. Don't get off at the earlier Amsterdam halts unless you are sure you want to - wait for the announcement for Amsterdam Centraal, or you notice everybody else getting off the train in the big building with the glass roof.

If you need to catch any other transport links from Centraal Station go HERE. Otherwise, follow the crowd out and go get stoned!

*Thanks to Alicia for current price update.

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