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by Dogbreath
Fri Feb 07, 3:48 pm
Forum: Channelites Trip Reports
Topic: amsterdam journal from cannabis cup 2002
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Cup Marketing Event

Nice report.

I share your views of the cup.... it's not the cup... it's Amsterdam!

As hopelessly disorganized as ever.

:-) Dogbreath
by Dogbreath
Fri Jan 31, 2:00 am
Forum: Channelites Trip Reports
Topic: Free Bud's 4 U in my Hotel room
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Was nice reading your reports....... love it... sounds just like my kinda vacation. Endless days of sloth in Amsterdam..... life doesn't get any better.

:-) Dogbreath
by Dogbreath
Mon Jan 27, 6:47 pm
Forum: Channelites Trip Reports
Topic: Welcome to those who wish to register.
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Re: Safe?

Her Hans: You are right... the new format will not keep flamers at bay. Yes, they will flame, Bas will block access, they will appear again under a different address, and the cycle will continue for a few iterations. However, in past years, severe flaming episodes would have Bas delete and block. Bu...
by Dogbreath
Sat Jan 25, 10:01 am
Forum: Channelites Trip Reports
Topic: Private Messages
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Re: Manneken Pis

Thanks for shedding light on what has been a mystery to me for a long time. Why a company would use a pissing boy as a marketing logo has always baffled me. Now I understand the historical perspective. I must say, however, that the logo does not induce a tourist (such as me, ignorant of euro history...

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