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by dred
Tue Nov 04, 5:59 am
Forum: Channelites Trip Reports
Topic: What I am smoking Pt II
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Best wishes TreknHil. Maybe all the recent consciousness expansion will help you and your husband to put your minds around things in a productive way. I would not regret your decision to return for a second, because it is the right decision. The Rembrandts are all waiting to welcome you on your next...
by dred
Tue Oct 21, 8:54 am
Forum: Channelites Trip Reports
Topic: Trip Report Day 7
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Hi LTD, I enjoyed reading your WHOLE report. In fact, I'm printing it out to pass on to a co-worker this weekend (a word processor who is really a painter) who will be visiting the Dam in two weeks. It's good to know that there's still so much to see at the Reijksmuseum despite the closure--five hou...
by dred
Mon Oct 20, 7:47 am
Forum: Channelites Trip Reports
Topic: Just trying this on for size
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Dear Hilary, I read your news and felt a jolt. Holy shit to the tenth power! I'm joining your other Channel friends in sending you supportive thoughts and wishes for your peace and pleasure. You might try some Bach Rescue Remedy from a health food store (or other Bach remedies for specific feelings)...
by dred
Mon Jun 23, 7:56 pm
Forum: Channelites Trip Reports
Topic: Trip Report, Day One, Part 1
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Love your detailed report. Keep 'em coming!

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